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Are you a die hard IchiRuki fan?
You love IchiRuki, but how well do you no this couple?

1. Why did Rukia leave for Soul Society and act like she hated Ichigo?
Because she wanted to protect him! How sweet!
Um, she thought he was dead?
She must really hate him!
2. So, why does Ichigo want to save Rukia?
Because "he owes her" please, he wuvs her!
I forgot
To show off his powers!
3. Alright, so, as Ichigo left Soul Society, Rukia thanked him, wat was he thinking afterwards?
"Thank you Rukia, thanks to you, my rain has finally stopped," how sweet!
Ok, I saved the midget, let`s go home,
How should I no?!
4. Rukia makes a promise to Ichigo in episode 8-9, the promise was:
"I will let you protect me"?
"But, wen you`re ready to talk about it, I`ll be there to listen,"
Tch, don`t no,
5. In episode 41, Rukia was asking Ichigo to go home, why?
She was crazy and suicidal,
She wanted to protect him
She wanted to protect him, and she felt responsible for past mistakes
6. In episode 54, how did Ichigo get Rukia down from the scaffold?
He carried her,
He threw her into Renji!
7. Rukia and Ichigo have common pain, it is...
They both feel responsable for the loss of a loved one
They both feel responsable for the other`s pain
All of the above
8. Name two sighns in episode 64 that say that Ichigo misses Rukia
He looks at her empty desk and at the empty closet
He says he misses her
Dn`t ask me!
9. In episode 93, Ichigo is pretty much ready to lop Byakuya`s head off, why?
Because Byakuya wouldn`t tell him how Rukia was,
Because he called him stupid
Because Icigo is always ready to lop Byakuya`s head off
10. And finally, name ont fact that suggests Ichigo wanting to protect Rukia
He`s hesitant to let her fight alone,
He wants anyone who hurts her dead
He wants to be the one to save her
All of the above, even though you already said "one"
Don`t no

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