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How would You Destroy the World?
plz enjoy and comment

1. First, I’ll explain a little bit. Ok, so this quiz is like a scenario quiz, but the questions are linked together, so it’s like a story. You just have to imagine what will you do in various situations, and in the end you get what will happen to you.
Get set!
2. And another thing, before we start the quiz: are you good or evil? That will affect the result
3. Ok, so imagine…You’ve just set off on a journey to find a powerful artifact. It’s a knife. Can you explain what do you already know about it?
It’s a very powerful artifact, maybe the most powerful in the world!
Its name is “Nirvana” and it looks different for every wielder
It’s a really dangerous artifact that allows you to change destiny
It’s an evil artifact that affects its wielder’s soul and turns it towards evil
4. But on the second day of your journey, you saw a huge hurricane that was coming your way. You decided…
…To go to the nearby village and wait a few days
…To go straight through the hurricane. There is no time to lose!
…To find a way around the hurricane. It’ll be slower but safer
5. And then, you saw a figure in the middle of the hurricane. You wanted to come closer, but the hurricane ended, like there never was one. You looked at the person. It was…
…A woman in whith clothes with a large diadem on her head. Her eyes were glowing
…A woman with white clothes, stained with blood, with two red slashes on her face
…A man with hollow eyes and scars that go deep inside his body
…A man in a black robe and a mask
…A man, who was stabbed with two swords and a spear
…A faceless woman with white hair
…A man in black armor, engraved with gold
…A woman. She was bursting in flame
6. He/she said: “Many people died looking for that Knife. I can bring you to the place it is in, but first, you have to defeat me, because I’m the spirit of this artifact!” You pulled out your weapon. It was…
…A katana – my loyal sword!
…Two black daggers
…A grenade launcher! – The bigger – the better!
…A thin whip – you will see what hit you!
…Two pistols
My fists are my weapon!
…A machine gun
My weapons are always hidden
7. After a long battle, using your super abilities, you defeated the Spirit. You said…
…”I’m sorry. Forgive me.”
…”Now, take me to the Artifact!”
…”No one will stay in my way!”
…”He-he. This is just the beginning.”
8. The Spirit took you to the place. You were standing before the entrance. It looked like…
…A normal door. Nothing interesting
…If someone’s shadow was lifted up
…A door surrounded by fire
…A metal door, with lots of locks
…A glass door with lots of security mechanisms in it
…A door with blood letters BEWARE on it
…An old metal, rusted door
…A white door, probably made of bones
9. You’ve opened a door, looked around and saw…your best friend! You were so shocked, you allowed him/her to pull out a gun and shoot. You dodged the bullet and…
…Said: “No! I don’t want to kill you!”
…Without hesitation started shooting at him/her to kill
…Started shooting at him/her, but not trying to kill
10. You killed your friend, but then, he/she turned into a Spirit. He/she said: “That was your challenge. You walked in the room and saw what you’ve been looking for so long – The Knife. It looked like…
…A knife with a golden handle and a golden blade
…A knife with a black handle, and a long curved blade
…A knife with a red handle and a long, golden blade
…A knife with a long, black handle and a short black blade
…A knife with a gray handle and a spiked blade
…A knife with a metallic handle and a black blade
…A knife with a black handle and a short, curved blade
…A knife with a black handle and a short and thick blade
11. The Spirit said: “Before you take The Knife, if you want it to work properly for you, you must promise to rate and comment on that quiz. You answered…
…Yes, I will do this
…No, I don’t want to
12. Then, you stepped closer towards “Nirvana”. Your heart began to beat faster…
…You took The Knife and…
…You took The Knife and…

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Created on:2/19/2008 7:02:41 PM
Made by:DarknessZ

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