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which demonic aniamal are you
I love animals ;)

1. how would you kill someone
kill them has fast has I can
make them kill there selfs
posion them and let them sufer
by craking ther head in two
pretend to be there friend and stab them in the back when they arn`t looking
hire someone to do the dirty work for me
2. what would be your wepon of choice
samurai sword
gas bomb
a big gat. gun
shot gun
a small dagger that no one can see
3. which super-power would you whant
super fast
super smart
super strong
4. you wake up were are you
on the couch in my apartment
in a room with people in white suits looking at me
on the top of the building were i died
in a max sucerity prison
in a huge mansion were no one can get me
in a ally way
5. do you kill for fun
6. who are you running from
the cops
someone that is trying to kill me
i`m the one that is hunting
the F.B.I.
my life
7. there is a persion that is looking at from crose the street what do you do
run away has fast has i can
walk around to make shure there not following me
kill them win there not looking

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Created on:11/17/2009 10:21:08 PM
Made by:deadhead99

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