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What kind of Demon are you  quiz. It s a pretty funny quiz   a follow up  sorta  on my Angel quiz  Enjoy and comment xD  e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What kind of Demon are you?
It's a pretty funny quiz...a follow up (sorta) on my Angel quiz. Enjoy and comment xD (e)

1. It’s an early morning in Hell. You’re awake in your Demon Citadel. What are you wearing right now?
Nothing actually. It’s very hot in hell, you know, plus it’s summer!
Long, gray clothes, enveloping you from head to toe
Thin, black jacket, pants from pure silk, long, black gloves and cool sunglasses. Oh ya!
Rusty remnants of the old armor, with its former might.
A black robe with a hood, covering the face
White, surgical coat
I don’t really care about what I wear
Armor with mighty spells casted over it
2. I know, right now, you’re in Hell, but where do you actually prefer to live?
Hell, where else?
Always in one place, like catacombs or a cave…
Earth, in appearance of a human
Earth, in your own appearance
Hell – common sections
No constant place
Remote place, you like to be alone
I travel from hell to Earth and back
3. So, you’re walking in your Citadel. It’s dark. Finally you see a mirror on the wall. A normal demonic mirror, with skulls and stuff like that. What do you see in there?
What do you mean what? My own scary face with black dirty hair
Nothing. I don’t have a reflection
He-he. Even I’m sometimes afraid of what I see in there.
I look like an aged man, with grey hair and sad look
Crap, what’s that under my eyes? I should’ve gone on the Internet all night long…
Sinister figure in reflections of flame
Just my face, there’s nothing interesting to see
A tired face of a Demon
4. You break the mirror (it’s your old habit) and walk forward. And then you see a chest with your weapons. You open it and take your favorite one. What is it?
My loyal assistant, in all of my deeds – a beautiful, two - handled sword, charged with heavy magic
Hmmm…my old, black staff
My old and trusty battle-axe. I’ve killed more than ten arch-angels with it!
A long and thin whip. As dangerous as I am
A small generator of Chaos energy. Using this I can control any angel I want
My mask. It has a lot of special abilities
Ha-ha. I don’t need any weapons! Weapons are for fools!!!
A normal Chaos sword, like all the other demons have
5. You are in your work cabinet, where your victim - a human, who you’ve caught yesterday, trembles in fear. Who are you going to do with him?
Tie him with chains and throw him in my dungeon. And then have some fun!!!
Yesterday, I went undercover to Heaven and captured an Angel, so I’ll rip off it’s wings.
Kill him immediately!!!
Look at him and say? It’s time for you to pay the debt!!!
I’ll pretend that I want to kill him and watch his reaction.
Ask him, if he knows that the binary notation was the original language of the Universe
Show him how I hate these stupid, little humans!
I’m not going to kill him, I’d better release him. He deserves a second chance!
It depends, maybe I need him alive. Maybe he has some valuable information
I’ll let him try and escape first. It’s going to be fun!
6. But when you step towards him, the human cries: “Please let me go, I’m sorry for being bad!!!” What do you do?
Say: Go, but remember what I’ve said to you. Um…exit’s over there
Say: Go, but remember: if you’re still going to behave like this, we’ll meet again!
Say: No way! Such pathetic creature doesn’t deserve to live!!!
Say: You can take my phone and call 9-1-1. *devious laugh*
Say: No, my dear. First you will discover new measures of pain.
Silently chop his head off
Say: No, you will suffer, like everyone else before you.
Call all of your friends and have some fun!!!
7. You’ve remembered how you’ve had a conflict with a demon higher in rank then you are. What did you do?
I made him my slave!
I swore my allegiance to him
I didn’t care… really
I just killed him
8. What is your basic attitude towards Hell?
I’m its master!
I obey it
I don’t care
I hate it
I prefer Earth
9. Ok, what is your attitude towards Heaven?
It’s my enemy!!!
Angels – dumb creatures, that need to be destroyed
I don’t really have anything against it
Heaven? What it still exists?
Sometimes I see it as the perfect place for me
Heaven? A worthy enemy
10. So, next, what’s your attitude towards…
Are you interrogating me???
Towards what?
Why did you stop?
11. Ok, I’m just joking, are you ready for the last question?
What about it? Is it special or something?
Is the test almost over already?
Ok, bring it on
12. Ok, so finally you go on your computer and see an email from Satan. He wants you to come immediately to his Citadel
Why should I go somewhere?
Go to Heaven. I know that, Satan’s computer froze but why I’m the one who has to fix it?
Well, I’ll go…slowly…
Ugh, I hate my boss. Plz, somebody, smash his head with a brick! Plz!!!
Again he’ll be telling me about the noise and mess I’ve made…
God…I mean Devil, how I hate him. I hate everything!
It will be an excellent opportunity to sneak up on him and stab him with a fork. He-he, I’m so evil
I’ll just go and get over with it
13. But suddenly Satan appears behind you and says: "Your identification is complete, but before you`ll get the results you must promise me to rate and comment on this wonderful quiz"
Sure I will!!! I liked it so much!!!
No, thanks, I`m good
14. Satan gives you a piece of paper...
...it says...
...it says...

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