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Which Demon Are You?
Lets find out! (e)

1. What will you do, if you are surprised by great force of centaurs?
You try to tell them you are not their enemy
Use teleportation to escape or kill them, using magic
Try to confront them and then escape
You dont love them, you just fly away
Slay them all, to the Hell with them!
Join them!
2. Where do you want to live?
In the small city or village
In the forest or in a tent
Grasslands or little hut
Old tower or house
Hell, volcano or graveyard
Nowhere - just still travelling
Great cave or hut
3. Which weapon you will choose to beat enemies?
I just dont want to fight
Bow and arrows
Axe or club or mace
Magic or Dark magic
I cannot fight
Gimme sword and I will slay everyone!
Some flame weapons
Blades, thorns, magical instruments...
4. You meet a very powerful Human Wizard. What do you do?
Join him and help him in his adventure!
Surprise him and ask him, where he is going, then do what your soul tells you
Watch him a little time, then try to join him. Magic is helpful!
Ignore him
Use your anti-magic skills to kill him!
Try to avoid him, if you are alone - you will kill him later with batallion of horsemen!
5. You have found a little kid in the forest. Choose a option:
I care about that kid.. feed him, sing to him...
Try to protect it
Try to find its mum
I cannot do nothing, I am invisible - maybe i should call for help
Kill that little ugly thing
Ignore it
6. War! Which side you will choose?
Wolf demons
Random demons from anywhere
I choose no side, i just watch
Centaur Union
7. You meet a Wolf Demon. What do you do?
Talk, then try to escape
Ask for the news from homeland
Try to join him!
Make fun of him and call him names
Kill him
Avoid him or try to kill him with bow
8. What do you do in your *demonic* free time?
Play games and talk to humans
Train magic and read
Eat and sleep
Watch stars and never-ending Time
Torture Centaur and humans and kill animals
Run, run, run, run! run...
9. If you MUST fight, what will you do:
Avoid enemy attacks and sometimes you attack too
Throw energy balls, sometimes jump and teleport to other position
Just fight for glory, but still defensive
Distract enemy with your voice and fly around him, sometimes touching him
Fight as long as you can, torture enemies before they die
At the beginning fire arrows, then draw your sword, if you are alone, be defensive

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