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What demon are you?
I was boerd and decided to make a quiz. I hope you enjoy it :)

1. If you had the option of spending the day in one of the following places which would it be?
In your bedroom commanding your slaves
At the sceen of a shooting
At your friend`s house
At the beach
At the libary
In a garden admiring the beauty of nature
2. What would you rather spend your day doing?
being the center of attention
Destroying everything in your path
hanging out with your best friend
Thinking about how things can be improved and trying to come up with possible solutions for them
Standing up for what you think is right
3. How would you use your abilities?
Take as may lives as you can
Try to suduce people into doing what ever you want them to do
4. What would you rather resemble?
more like a human male
more like a human female
more like some sort of creature
5. What best describes your personality? (be honest)
Self centered
devoted and loyal friend
Over protective
6. How do you feel about your looks?
very confident
don`t give a f*ck
Are uncomformed with your physical appearance so you think you can make up for that with your smarts
Highly beautiful
7. Do you believe in revenge?
I honestly don`t care

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Created on:8/2/2010 4:55:22 PM
Made by:xxmorbidxx

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