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Demon or Angel
Personality Test please enjoy :)

1. You see someone on fire you?
You: ooh pretty lights
You try and do what you can but don`t want to die. DUH
Throw some water on the person and call it a day.
2. You get 1 million dollars what do you do?
Give it to charity they don`t have what we have
"I got a small lone of 1milliom dollars my life sucked" Donald Trump says
Go to the charity and burn it in front of their eyes
Do nothing with it/ save it
Spend it all MONEY charity doesn`t need it, Right?
3. You see a kitten in a tree you...
Hey everyone go save the cat I`m to lazy
Don`t do anything don`t say anything
You sit and stare at the dangling cat
You go home get a ladder and save the cat
You whistle and walk by the cat kicking the log just for fun.
4. Someone is drowning you...?
Jump in and save them
You stand there and mock them
You don`t know what to do
You stand and stare in awe but, have no idea what to do
Do nothing and look
Or you get someone to help them for you
5. Would you rather go to Heaven or H***
Heaven with all my fellow friends and nice people
H*** with my fellow prankster gangsters
Pfff beats me
Uum Maybe Heaven Idk
None of them I`m to young to die
6. If someone told you to murder your enemy or your least favorites person would you?
H*** YEAH I hate them why wouldn`t I.
H*** NO two wrongs don`t make a right I`m not that bad
Maybe I hate them but you know...
Just Bystand and do nothing
Oh god maybe I would?
Do I have too? Me: that`s up to the creepy guy with a knife, not me.
Oh gosh what do I do I don`t want to choose sides
Uuuum nothing.... Me: Awkward
7. If you could choose any characters to describe you, which ones fit you most?
Sweet, Helpful, brave
Um any character really I`m mix match in my emotions
Mysterious, feisty. Bad, Prankster Gangster
Meh anything
Anything fits me I love colors
8. What color fits you most?
Yellow, light and brave
Red, Black, anything dark and bad, like me
Purple mysterious and unknown just like your thoughts
Anything don`t really care :p
Nothing I`m no very moody or anything I`m regular
9. You were to get 20 million dollars if you killed someone`s enemy would you kill `em?
Heck to the NO, I`m not a psychopath
Would I, Should I? Could I?
Heck yes 20 billion dollars here I come all I need to do is wash off and hide the evidence and corp

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