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What god or goddess are you?
Greek god

1. What do you like the best?
The Sun
Building things
Starting fights
2. When you see a fight, what do you do?
Do nothing! Let me stare at that cute kid!
Let me see if I can get their attention by a bolt of lightning!
STOP IT, I have no room for more dead people!
Bah, watever. I want some wine.
Fighting is unnecessary!
I`m going to build a contraption to stop them!
Lets make them all wet...
"Oh Mister sun, sun, mister shining sun, please blind those bad kids..."
While they aren`t looking, let me take things out of their back pocket!
Why? I am the one who started the fight in the first place!
3. During the day, what are you usually doing?
Inventing something new.
Finding a new boy/girlfriend
Refurbishing my arrows.
I`m in Italy, drinking wine samples!
I am swimming!
Plotting a war.
Pillaging the convinience stores.
Lying in the sun!
Doing nothing- what you usually do is boring.
Watch the lightning!
4. Weapon of choice?
Some scrap metal and a fire.
a stick- better to poke you with!
A grape vine. (what?)
Heh heh- my lightning bolt!
Who needs a weapon when you`ve got love? <3 <3<3
The sun
a fork thingy- a trident
My prescence!!!
Bows and arrows
Helm of Darkness
5. Do you like to fight? 1- least, 10 greatest
1- only if I have to
2- Agressive love! Grrrrr!
3- Eh, whatever, (says name wrong)
4- I`d fight if I have to, I don`t mind!
6- Well, I support building things for a war.
6- Fine...
7- I`d like a good fight!
8- Yes yes lets!
9- DIE!!!!!!
10- My middle name is fight- thats all I do!

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Created on:6/5/2010 7:52:45 PM
Made by:lightningkid

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