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What demigod are you  Percy Jackson and the Olympians Quiz quiz.  Accurate results for what type of half blood you are  What demigod are you  Is your godly parent Hestia  Hera  Demeter  Hades  Poseidon  Zues  Athena  or Ares  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What demigod are you- Percy Jackson and the Olympians Quiz
Accurate results for what type of half-blood you are! What demigod are you? Is your godly parent Hestia, Hera, Demeter, Hades, Poseidon, Zues, Athena, or Ares?

1. (I`m srry but) What`s your favourite colour?
Umm.. I don`t know maybe a grey, brown red, orange, blue, purple, I really can`t pick!
Blue, green I don`t know...dude...
Ummm... Is this relevent, I guess red, I think?!?
Yellow, or brown, I guess! I love corn by the way!!!
Black and red...
Yellow, blue, gold, you know something that has at least a 10 watt bolt on it...
Grey and blue, something simple, yet elegant and lady-like.
WHY YOU ASKIN ME THIS PUNK?!? (I love red hehe! :)
2. What`s your favourite thing to do?
Maybe just something that involves a fire! I don`t know!
Definetly not stalking my husband or anything... hehehaha! Okay you got me!
Wandering around picking some corn!
Visiting a grave-yard!
I don`t know a little this, a little that...
Reading. Duh?
Fighting our neighborhood bully!
3. You`re best friend is getting beat up! What do you do?
Pray they`re all right!
Call up my daddy, he`ll get me anything! :)
Order pizza at this really good place, with REALLY good crust!!!
I don`t have any friends.
Go swimming with them to cheer them up!
Take off! I DON`T want to be next!
Join the fight...NOBODY hurts MY friend!
Tactically take down the bully!

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Created on:8/17/2015 5:50:45 PM
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