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What kind of Defender are you?
For those City of Heros fans

1. Heals are necessary on every team
They`re always useful
Nah, I`ll take it, but its not necessary
What`s a heal?
2. Soloability is very important, and my primary needs to fully support this
Totally Agree
Somewhat Agree
Somewhat Disagree
NO! I NEED TO TEAM!!!!11111eleven
3. Fruit Salad is...
A refreshing summertime treat
A bowl of fruit, nothing else
A Great internet Meme
The Greatest Meme of all times
4. If a team member dies... you
Feel guilty that you let him down
Feel Guilty that you didn`t heal him
Call the rest of the party for a buff
Cackle with Glee and teleport the corpse to the nearest mob
Not even notice, except for the nice endurace discount
toss the team mate a wakie after the fight
Explain that your debuff that happens to rez is still recharging
5. Do you mind being known as a drug dealer?
Call me Crack-Dealer
Only if it comes in pretty colors
Don`t call me that!
6. In combat, you want to spend your time
Healing, what else?
Blasting away, thats where I`ll be most useful
I had a plan of attack before the battle, I know exactly where to stand and what powers to use
7. While teaming, you want to focus on
my team`s health
buffing my team, making them god like
Debuffing my enemy, so my team thinks they are god like
Why choose? I want everything
8. Knockback is...
The most fun secondary effect possible
Useful at damage mitigation
Annoying, but sometimes useful
Something that should never have been put in the game

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Created on:5/15/2007 4:27:45 AM
Made by:pythonline

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