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are you deep
Um I don't know how to describe it lol what do you think?

1. first of all whats your favorite color?
2. what do you think about you heart and soul?
My soul is just baring...trying hard to repaire my heart everytime it crakes a little more...
What kind of question is this? i can`t see my heart or soul? ( you can feel them both )
My heart is bandaged and my soul is fighting...
My heart is soul is lighter...well i wish at least...( oposite hey? pm me )
Um well today my heart is whole and my soul is oookkk....
I ave no soul to feel? i have no heart that pumps it`s like im deadowell i like being careless...
3. Do you write poetry and when people rea it they say wow thats emo?
Lol yeah I love to write about my feelings and most the time they are pretty deep...
Ah no I hate writing...and I hate feelings they don`t exist
Yeah I write poems, some are really deep some are just normal? ( i understand xD )
Ah i write when something pops in my head no one calls me emo though...
I love to write about dreams and wishes and yeah I could sound a bit emo hehe
Um people don`t call me emo well cuz I don`t really write poetry so yeah....( not even a lill bit? )
4. Would you say you have holes in your tummy and they burn and grow deeper when you get hurt or remember something hurtful?
The wounds in my stomack will never go away, they get bigger and they hurt all the time!!
my stomack will not ease...the pain comes all the time is hard and my tummy knows that!
what the hell theres no holes in my tummy??? your dumb!!!
um well today no holes got anybigger....or burned and made me crouch down to ease the pain.....
In my dreams i wish the holes in my tummy didn`t burn and grow bigger but that only in my dreams....
I don`t feel pain in my stomack...only weak "people" feel pain.... ( are u even human? )
5. do you think this picture is "deep"?
Wow yeah thats how I feel... traped alone in the darkness....
um ok???? why would i think this is deep now the picture I saw today is deep!!!!
Thats what I look like in my dreams....alone...frightened....traped and useless....
That what the girl inside my soul looks like shes lost and helpless and no1 setting her free,....
Um i don`t care if the stupid picture is deep or not I don`t feel that way heck i don`t feel anyway!
ah what am I supposed to say? i don`t think it`s deep....
6. tell me what u think of this pic in comments gotta go!!
hm k
7. rate or comment???

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Created on:12/22/2008 8:22:57 PM
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