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Death to the ugly Justin.
Justin must die.

1. Justin Bieber.
*sigh* (flutter flutter) What was that? About my Justy Wusty. (me: barfs)
2. He needs to die. How will you kill him, using a natural force? ( State in comments too).
Burn him by lava
Strike him with lightning(me: what I would choose)
Toss him off a mountain.
Drown him.
Feed her to the tigers.
Choke him with weeds.
Freeze him to death.
Starve him.
Hehehe. Torture him as long as possible. Then kill him, and say he stupidly ate a castor bean plant
Kill him? How could you do that to my Drewy Wuey?(me: must... not kill myself... to escape...)
3. Justin Beiber comes up to your house.What do you do?
Poison him with bacteria tainted food, then, tell the cops he died of a bad case of food poisoning.
Make out with him (me: at this point, I have a knife at my heart, trying to escape...)
4. The left path or right? Both ways you will be tortued and you HAVE to choose! You will survive both.
L- Expelled by crush, but marry Justout Idrewonyourface Booby and make out everyday
R- Be hit by lightning 27 times, survive, have no side effects, but feel all the pain. BUT, all (CT
(don`t pick) the celebrities you hate die and are erased of any evidence on the planet and no one CT
(dont pick) like them will pop up again?
5. A convention center you really like comes to town, but she is there. What do you do?
Go and try to kill him unnoticeably.
Find him and make out(me:RIP)

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Created on:7/11/2010 5:02:57 PM
Made by:lightningkid

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