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Death Note Romance Part 2! (for girls only)
Who will you fall for: L or Light?

1. "Will you rule the world with me?" Light asks.
Yes, of course. I love you.
I don`t know. I don`t know what`s right anymore!
No. I`m sorry but I can`t do this. I`m supposed to help L catch you.
2. You go home later that day and you can`t stop thinking about what Light told you. Light was Kira? And he wanted you to help make the world a better place? Is this moral? Is it right? Your thoughts are interrupted by your ringing cell phone. It`s L.
L? What does he want?
Oh my god! Should I tell him what Light told me? Oh, what am I going to do?!
Yay! It`s L!
3. "Hello," L says. "I was wondering if you`d thought any about helping me solve the Kira case."
Crap, crap, crap! Why does he have to bring this up now?!
Grr. He`s calling to bother me about this crap?
Excellent timing! I can tell all about Light. Or should I say Kira?
4. You say, "I`m sorry but I don`t know yet L. I still have a lot to think about."
What am I going to do?
I should help Light
I should help L
5. The next day at school, as you`re heading to your locker, you notice L and Light in the hallway arguing. Apparently, over you.
Oh no! This is NOT good!
L better not lay a finger on my Light.
Light better back off.
6. "You think I`m Kira?!" Light shouted. "Yes," L said quite calmly. "And (insert your name here) is going to help me." "No she`s not," Light says. They both turn to you, waiting for an answer.
I`m not helping you L!
I`m not helping you Light!
7. Light`s pale eyes are focused on your face pleadingly. L`s dark shimmering orbs were gazing at you intently. In that moment you knew. You knew who you loved. You knew that your heart belonged to-
Light Yagami
L Lawliet
8. Who will you help and how will this affect your relationship with both L and Light? Find out in Part 3!
i can`t wait for part 3!
yayay! go light!
Team L!

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Created on:10/8/2009 5:20:39 PM
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