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What Death Note character are you?
Find out what Death Note character you are! (e)

1. a bully at school has been bothering you, what do you do?
make it your life goal to rid the school of this nuisance
use your smarts to make the bully stop
HAHA a bully wouldn`t pick on me, i`m to cute!
i`d wait it out until i see an opportunity to strike
i`d give a death note to someone i felt worthy, then make them take care of the bully
i`d get one of my friends to take care of the bully, and support them the whole way
2. what is your favorite food?
Chocolate, or any other sweets
what evers around
3. you want something really bad, how do you go about getting it?
i beg my friend, or family member to get it for me
i trick someone into getting it for me
material possessions are useless
i`m to shy to ask anyone, so i just hope that they know what i want, and get it for me
4. you find a Death Note, what do you do with it?
i try to rid the world of evil
i figure out what it is, then i lock it up, and investigate what`s going on
i didn`t find it, i dropped it in the human world for fun
i found out someone else has one aswell, and i worship them, so i punish the evil ones to
5. what do you do for fun?
fun? why would i have fun when all the criminals are mysteriously dying?
i enjoy eating some potatoe chips, while ridding the world of evil humans
i have fun just watching people, humans are interesting
i like going to the beach, partying, and that sort of stuf!

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