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What Death Note Character Are You?
Find out what character from one of the best animangas.. Death Note

1. You have just found a strange notebook on the ground that says any name of a person written in it will die. Your first thoughts: ?
Hmmm.. might just be worth a shot.
Must destroy it now before any pure evil can commence
It`s a joke, right?
Pshh I am the one who dropped the notebook,,,
2. What do you think of justice?
Justice needs to be served no matter the cost!!
Don`t care..
Justice matters
3. Do you have a serious sweettooth??
mmmm..yea! fetch me a chocolate bar!
Apples! I need apples!
4. Are you a fast and smart-thinker?
5. Gender?
6. If there was a way to make the world crime-free and full of good people, would you kill to get it?
don`t care
7. Sorry its short =[ Tell me in a comment who your fave character is and why?
No way!

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Created on:12/29/2008 4:02:08 AM
Made by:fergie094

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