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Which Deadly Sin Are You?
There are 7- which one are you most guilty of? (e)

1. If you won $100, how would you spend it?
a present for someone you love
expensive meals with your friends
invest it in stocks so you could make more money
a new computer or electronic item
a cool weapon
new clothes or a car
a spa day or makeover
2. Your favorite movie out of these?
American Pie
Ocean`s 11
American Beauty
Fight Club
Fast and the Furious
The Stepform Wives
3. Which word do you find the most appealing?
4. Which do you find your worst quality to be?
you are always thinking about sex
you eat a lot
you are always want more
you always feel lonely
you are always angry
you never feel good enough
you are too conceided
5. If you were trapped in a room with a bunch of boring people, which object would you like to help you out?
porn... need some entertainment
candy.... gotta eat
money... you`ll need it when you get out
an ipod... to block other people out
a gun... to kill everyone with when you go insane
a cell phone... to show off with
a mirror... so you look good infront of the cute guy/girl
6. Which colour are you most attracted to at the moment? (not which is your favorite)
dark green
light green
7. You hate people who are...
Virginal religious folk
Skinny or anerexic
Bums that ask you for money
Always happy
Totally different than you and annoying
Always perfect and popular
Always thinking they`re better than you when they aren`t

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