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Can you deadlift my son  quiz. A test of one s physical fortitude and strength of character in a quest to deadlift my son  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Can you deadlift my son?
A test of one's physical fortitude and strength of character in a quest to deadlift my son.

1. Do you consider yourself to be a "good person?"
I mean, the word`s relative, but probs yeah.
I am great. I am special.
ye flech aloyem nar deitchen
2. How many times a day do you fart?
Hard 25 or more
My farts promote the well-being of mankind
As if I was capable of such a bodily function. A HA to you! A HA!
3. If you found $200 dollars in perfect condition with no one around to see (and no security cameras), what would you do?
In the words of Rihanna, BA RAH PAH PAH. I would take that money.
I would donate the money to a local cause.
I would rip up the ca$h and throw it in the tr@$h.
I would add another $200 buckaloos.
4. Complete this sentence: I am ________
a salamandar named Leûn, descended from the lord Netwon Waylander on the planet Xellor.
hungry, better get a snack FAST.
capable of rotating objects with my mind in real-time, along with changing their color and function.
okay w/ myself.
on my way to the airport.
5. Roses are red /
violets are dead / coo coo cachoo / my name is Alfred //
but sometimes, they are other colors as well //
AH. AH AH. ah ah AH //
6. This is the final question. What say you of your fate in deadlifting my son?
With 100% accuracy, your son will be lifted and thrown towards the heavens at a velocity of 6 mph.
I know nothing about your son`s physical state. Is he small or large? Thin or wide? Tall or short?
I`m weak in the arms.
I would not lift a person unless prompted.
I bench 350 4 times a week. You tell me.
Honestly I just wanted to have a pleasant evening. Not really sure why I did this to myself today.

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Created on:6/10/2019 8:53:55 AM
Made by:danktoast

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