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which deadliest warrior are you
find out to see which one you'll become

1. Your first attack would be like...
Hitting them as hard as you can.
Sweeping their leg so you have an advantage
Taunt then hit them when their not looking
Bow with respect
2. Your battle stratagey would be like...
Face them face to face so they know you wanna fight
Run at him and knock him down
Attack at him when he is not looking
Sneak up on him then scream and attack
3. You are out numbered what to you do?
Run then hit them as they go
Fight with honor or go down with honor
One man army lets knock him down
try to use surrondings as weapos
4. What is your weapon of choice
nice clean blade thats cuts through people
Bow and arrow so you can be from a distance
Spear so you can keep them away form you
Big shield offense and a deffense
5. What would be your victory celebrartion
Scream so every one knows you won
Get away so know one knows you did it
Recive a trophy from them
leave with honor and care less if you won or not

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Created on:8/8/2010 5:11:26 PM
Made by:ZachW97

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