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The Daydream Quiz
A quiz to find out about your true nature

1. You are in your classroom. Your teacher is talking about history and the art of the blah-blah-blah.What are you doing now?
Well,I would be chatting with my friend of course!^^
Pretty much zoning out.
I`m thinking.(about what?)IDK just thinking!><
I`ll get out a piece of paper and start drawing.
I would paying attention.duh....(ZZZzzzz...)
2. Your eyelids start to feel heavy...and before you know it your in the world of your dream(cheesy,I know)You are in...
In the park with my friends. We`re just chillin`
I`m laying in the grass of a forest looking at the clouds.
I`m in a dark room where there is no sign of light....(scary...)
I`m the middle of a beautiful meadow with a large pond in the middle of it!
3. But there`s something wrong isn`t there? This doesn`t seem right...
You`re right! Why are the grass blue?!(
The clouds I was watching suddenly turned black...
I`m sure I`m all alone in here but I`m hearing voices...
All the flowers are wilting and turning grey! :(
4. Everything around you suddenly disappears and a giant clock appears infront of you.The hand strikes 12 and a piercing scream can be heard.
O.o....I`m scared(I would be too)
Man,this is sooooo not cool!
The clock has a strange design that you reconize...
5. The clock turned into a pile of sand and you fall into a dark hole!
*twirls around in air while falling*WEEEE!!!(XD)
6. You find youself in the middle of a desert. And you see-wait,what the heck is that?! A
wow....didn`t see that coming><
I am now convinced that you are crazy.
It`s cleary a flying turtle. Duh!
That`s impossible! A turtle can`t fly OR live in the middle of a desert!
Dude, that`s too cool!(I know right?)
7. While the erm,flying turtle flies away...(*cough*)A man suddenly pops up and asks,"Did you happen to see a monkey wearing a green shirt come by?"
Things just keep getting weirder!
You know what I`m outahere.*heads off in another direction*(3,2,1...)Ok,Which way is home?
The picture cleary says its a orangutang(sp?)and no I haven`t
No and I wouldn`t care less.
8. Suddenly,the monk-um orangutang,comes into view and the man yells,"GET THAT MONKEY!!!"(*sigh* I can`t believe I just said that...)
On it! *runs after it*
This is getting even more stupid...
NO!! That creature deserves a chance to live free!
I agree with the option above! RUN FREE MONK-I MEAN ORANGUTANG!!
9. A spaceship appears and sweeps the man off his feet. The orangutang grabbed your arm and started tugging on it.
Huh?????OMG a spaceship!
This is SERIOUSLY not cool!
Get off of me you filthy little freak!(You are so sad)
What is it little guy?
10. The orangutang pulls you into a door which(apparantly)showed up in the middle of a desert. Before saying anything, he pulls you through the door and you end up in a empty room except for one chair.
*agrees with option 1*...
You are definately crazy....
Thank you for the help friend!^^
11. He pulls you onto the chair. He mouths out some words. When he saw you didn`t understand,REAL words came out of his mouth!!!!(o.O)
wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf
O.o Monkeys can talk?(he`s not a monkey! he`s a-ugh!forget it!)
*Kills the Orangutang*(O.O)
12. He says,"_(y/n)_! Wake up!" The voice was familiar. A loud snap was heard and you awoke from your dream and back inside your own classroom. The teacher angry,the kids giggling.
that was....weird
I am never gonna fall asleep in class again!
That was enjoyable!^^
13. Did you like the quiz?
It was awesome!!!(You`re awesome!)
It was cool
It was horrible! I`m sueing you(x.x)
It was ok.
It was wonderful and exciting!^^(Hey,hey! Thanks!)
14. Sorry,but will you rate or comment?(won`t affect outcome)
NEVA *jumps off cliff*(O.o)

About This Quiz
Times Taken:24,851
Created on:7/31/2008 5:30:01 PM
Made by:xxdarkxx

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