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The Day Out
Hey guys! This is an interactive story starring you guys and me!

1. You are on a day out with me and my you-tuber friend. We are in the centre of Glasgow and we see a tour bus. We all decided to go on it and sit on the open top. My friend decides to do a live blog with all of us in it. We ask you: "Is that OK?"
You: "Yes, sure! It means we can be famous!"
You: "No thanks, my Mum would say no."
2. Either way my friend and me go live and if you were going to be in it with us you are and if you were not you are just sitting at the side watching. Suddenly the bus swerves round a corner and my friend falls over and hurts her head. What do you do?
Say are you okay?
Pretend nothing happened.
3. I ask everyone if they want to get off now and go shopping. My friend says yes. What do you say?
Yeah! let`s go!
I`ll come anyway so I`m not left behind
4. I give everyone a £20 or $20 to spend in your favourite shop. What do you do?
It`s really OK, I don`t need any! *I stuff it in your pocket*
Accept it.
5. After we have been to the shops we go onto the trains to get home. What do we talk about?
The latest news
Celebrity gossip
Adventure holidays
Our next trip
What we will do when we get back
6. When we get back we decide to go to the park for a walk but then it starts to rain. We go into my backyard but a little boy, who looks about five, that none of us new was sleeping under the trampoline. What do we do?
Call the police.
Take a photo and go around the neighbourhood with my phone to see if anyone knows him.
Just hope he goes away himself.
7. This is part one look out for the continued part of the story.
No thanks

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Created on:4/6/2017 10:57:23 AM
Made by:livi11

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