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The Day Out Continued
This is the day out story continued.

1. Remember the kid sleeping under the trampoline well we decided to just wait and see if he goes away himself. Hours pass and he doesn`t. What do we do?
Wait and watch from the window.
Wait and watch from the door
2. From wherever we are watching from he suddenly gets up and the first thing he looks at is us. He doesn`t talk to us, just stares. Then he moves but doesn`t move on both his legs. He walks on his legs and hands then shows his teeth to us and growls!!
OMG!!! What is wrong with this kid.
3. He starts to move closer we lock the windows and the doors. My friend gets out her phone and records everything so we can show the police. He growls one more time then runs through a gap in the fence leading to the park.
What did we just see!!!!!!!!!!!
*Fall to the floor*
4. We run to the police station and show then the footage they know that we couldn`t have made this up. We get to drive in the back of the police car as they speed through town with the sirens going loud. Dog walkers and kids in the park are confused.
WOW!!! We just got a ride in the police car.
I hope on-one thinks we`re criminals!
5. When we get out the cops ask us where he was last seen. We said that we last saw him at the hole in the fence that you can walk through for a shortcut. We went over and you said:
I am so scared!!!!!!!!!!
This is so exciting!!!
6. We hear some rustling in the trees. My friend brings out her phone and goes vlogging live. What do you do?
Slowly edge forward.
Run behind the police
7. We then hear some growling...
This is so tense.
Let`s get that messed up boy!
8. The police tell us to go back so we do. We can see the boys face and his greasy hair. He slowly emerges, police not knowing what to do they close in on him and call for back-up.
You: don`t do anything but watch in silence.
You: call your back-up (your friends)
9. The police tell us to go and tell their back-up what was going on.
WHY!!! Alright *sighs* I wanted to watch the crazy kid!!!
OKAY. Might not come back thought!
10. The back-up come over after we have told them. they tell us to come but keep a safe distance away. The boy starts growling again and showing his teeth...
This kid has problems!!! *Me: And A LOT of medical help wouldn`t do any harm!*
OMG. What in the world is wrong with this weirdo
11. The police close in on him and...
This is so tense.
Get on with the story you idiot!!!!! I need to know what happens!
12. The police close in on him and they grab him by the arms he squirms out of their grasp, bites on of the police ladies on the arm all before running away deeper into the park.
Poor lady is she Okay!!!!
That kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get him!!!
13. We phone the ambulance and it`s soon comes rushing into the street. The workers run through the park to get to the lady.
I really hope she is Okay!!!
I wonder how that kid got like... the thing that he is!
14. That`s all for now,looks like the search will continue and for me I`ve not had breakfast. I`m starving! What do you think of it so far and look out for part three!
I will rate and comment.
BYE!!! See you soon!

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