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Are you Dateable?
This personality quiz shows how great of a date you really are.

1. What would be your conversation starter (After "Hey, what`s up?)
"Wow, you`re amazing. I liked you the first second I saw you. I`ve always liked you so much!"
"Where would you like to go?"
"Want to go to the movies?"
2. If you went to the movies, you would say:
"What movie do you want?"
I saw this one like 1,000 times with my other friends. We`re so seeing it. But I may spill a part.
"What kind of movies do you like?"
3. After watching the movie, what do you do?
Ask to go home.
Suggest something Romantic, like a walk on the beach.
Ask what we`re going to do next.
4. What if you really liked the person and they suggested something that you wouldn`t like, but they were really excited to do it?
I would do my best. After all, it could be fun.
I would refuse and suggest what I wanted to do.
I would try to start a conversation and lead them to do something else.
5. What if the next morning they called you and asked if you wanted to meet his/her family?
I would refuse because they were getting a little too clingy
I would nicely refuse the offer and suggest another date before they got ahead of themselves.
I would tell them they`re weird, and that I wanted my money back from last night.
6. What would you do if an akward Silence started to form?
I would wait until they said something.
I would ask them something I already knew the answer to.
I would comment on what they were wearing.
7. Your date has come to an end. What do you do now?
Walk them to their door and ask to come in.
Tell them to close the car door behind them.
Walk them to thier door and ask for thier number.

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