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A Date with Sasuke (GiRlS OnLy! pLeAsE!)
Did your date go well? (e)

1. You`re in a line when Sasuke looks at you like you`re HOTT! What do you do?
Blow a kiss to him
Smile to cover your embaressment
Run away like a piece of s**t sandwhich, while crying
2. Sasuke asks you on a date. What is your answer?
Falls over, you have fainted
Accept and scream!
Say: Pick you up at 6:00!
Slap him and run!
3. You want to pick a fancey place, But Sasuke wants to go to a MCR concert that night. Where do you go?
Slap him and say: MCR SUCKS F*****G DONKEY BALL SACKS!!!!!!!
4. You are on top of a hill with Sasuke, looking at the clouds. What do you do?
Kiss his cheek
OH! That one looks like your mom!
Cut his neck
Hug him
5. Do you like him?
6. You guys have a sleep over at your house. You invited Naruto, Rock Lee, Sakura, Sasuke, and Ten-Ten. Naruto trys to kiss you! You...?
Slap him and start making out with Sasuke!
Give Naruto a Black Eye!
Kill everyone there except Sasuke and yourself! MWA HA HA HA!!!!!
Ignore him, and when his lips get on yours, KILL HIM!!!!!!
7. You are married to him now and just had a boy and girl! What would name them?
Sasuke Jr. and Kidojaria
Sakura & Sasukie

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Created on:12/4/2007 4:13:31 PM
Made by:Yondemai

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