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Could You Date Us? Plz guys only
Could you handle dating us??? (e)

1. if we were asked to be models dressed very inappropriately.... VERY inappropriately and we told you how would you react
jump and scream with joy
be very mad at us but then calm down when we told you that we didnt take it
say if thats what you really wanna do
2. if you could choose what our job would be what would you choose
Victoria Secret model
Stay-at-home mom
whatever you wanna do
3. the quiz is almost over any last words
are you tired cuz you been runnin through my mind all day
i hope i do well
i dunno
4. how do you think you did
bad bad bad..actually would you spank me and send me to bed (if you know what i mean *wink*)

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Times Taken:1,398
Created on:6/23/2007 3:41:39 AM
Made by:BriandChey07

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