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Would you date me?
Would you?

1. My name is kia,and I`m bisexual
2. Would you mind if I had a boyfriend and a girlfriend?
No,I wouldn`t mind
Yes,I would mind
3. I like to wear tight shirts and jeans,sometimes I wear skirts and other girl clothes
no opinion
4. I like to watch animes,and I`m REALLY shy ^^`
I hate anime,but I like shys
I love anime,but I hate shys
I hate you
5. Um...I`m a little clingy and emotional,but I`m usually happy also,I`ll give you some space if you ask
So not emo?(No,but I do think they are hot!)
That`s okay
I don`t want to date you
6. So um...yeah,hope my first real-ish quiz was okay(No effect ^^`)
It was
I hated it

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Times Taken:58,277
Created on:3/10/2011 6:41:46 PM
Made by:RunItBiMe

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