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Would you date me?
Guys only

1. If a girl was walking down the hall and dropped her books would you ....
Laugh with your friends
Go and help her pick them up
Walk by and ignore her
2. If you found out the hot girl in your class liked you would you.....
Make fun of her for it, She can`t know you like her
Go ask her out, what is the risk
Avoid her, you don`t care
3. If you are on a date with a girl do you....
Make out
Hold hands ( aww)
Just talk
4. If a girl asks you to do something for her do you....
Say no, she can do it herself
Do it, you should be a gentelman
Ignore it, life is tough sweetie
5. What do you like most about a girl?
I don`t know?
6. Sorry but, what is your favourite color out of these?

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Times Taken:2,018
Created on:12/2/2008 4:49:58 PM
Made by:bubbleluvu

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