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Could you date me? (Guys only of course)
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1. What is your hair style?
Clean cut but messy
Crazy colored
High and Tight
2. Now...What`s your hair COLOR?
Dyed crazy
3. If we did start dating what would u do ?
Show me signs of affection
Stay at a distance from my parents
Meet my parents immediately
Leave me for another girl
4. On our first date where would we go?
A Fair
Dinner and a movie
Your place for a home cooked meal
A picnic in the park and a nice stroll
5. What would your personality be?
Kind, caring, attentive listener
Strong, courageous, cute
Attentive listener,smart,cute
Stubborn, strong, rude
6. Would you kiss me after a first date?
Maybe a small one

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Created on:7/27/2007 5:58:08 PM
Made by:iluvjksprw

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