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would you date hiei?
hiei just MIGHT like you!

1. color?
2. you like the silent type?
no!! they have to talk not just listen!!!
3. whats a jauded eye?
a thired eye! (duh!)
a eye shaped jade
4. who is yukina??
his sis.
family member??
5. do you think hes cute?
Wrong!! he`s hott! (me: back off! hiei`s mine*grrrr)
uh-huh....(thats all tha matters right? )(Me: heck no!!)
hmmm....do you mean the freakin` theird eye he has?!?!!?
6. does he think your cute?
he`s warming up to me ,yea(me:......)
h*ll yea!! why do you think i took this quiz??
duh!! no one can resiset me!
7. so?you think hiei`s yours huh??
8. ok the white line in his hair, is it the shade of his hair or is it a light streak?
light streak
original hair color?
he did it for me!(me: you wish!!)
9. would you cheat on hiei with kurama?
no!!! hiei`s mine! (me; oooohhh! you little!)
maybe, is he cute?
heck yea! why eles would i want to get near hiei?

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Created on:4/13/2008 6:15:52 PM
Made by:brotherhiei

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