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would I date you (guys only!)
I was just bord!

1. Are you the freak of the school?
yes. I rip up the hallways and people hate me!
Maybe. I get in trouble rarely and keep to myself.
No! I make chicks swoon and guys laugh!
2. How do you feel about emo`s/goth`s?
they rock in fact i am one, check out the cuts!
they suck I`m a total jock!
I don`t care it`s their business not mine.
3. Are you hot?
Ya, since when is the star player not hot?
Sorry I get into to much trouble to know!
No, chicks think i`m to much of a dork to tell.
4. I`m considered a emo/goth/freak at my school do you care?
Ya, I have an image to keep!
No, I think that`s kind of hot!
I only care about personality
5. I act a little *looking at feet* crazy do you care?
Will it affect my image?
I am probaly way more crazy than you are so bring it on!
Um I`ll just go read now.
6. will you rate this quiz? (may affect score)
No! i have pratice!
Ya if you give me a good score
Maybe i have to study

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Created on:2/28/2009 3:10:49 PM
Made by:vamp_chick

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