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Could you date a vampire  quiz. Ever wonder if vampires are real  Then stop to think  quot Hmmmm I wonder if I could ever go out with one  quot  Well maybe this quiz will help  Rate comment please and thank you   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Could you date a vampire?
Ever wonder if vampires are real? Then stop to think "Hmmmm I wonder if I could ever go out with one?" Well maybe this quiz will help. Rate/comment please and thank you :)

1. What are your views on blood?
Im curious... I wonder what it taste like?
I know its weird but i like blood.
2. Do you like the old fashion ways?
Haha old fashion? Old fashion is for dorks so No!
Its watever.
Very cute :)
I`m old fashion myself
3. Would you care if your lover is over protective?
No big deal.
Icky i need to be FREE! Imma free-spirit that needs space.
I would think its seet because then i would know they care :P
4. Do you like ADVENTURE?!?
Who doesnt? you need a lil spice in your life to make things exciting!
No thanks i pass. Im more of a person that likes to keep things chill and usual.
Adventure? hmmm sounds fun. Guess i could try.
I dont like it. I LOVE it!
Totally. Its an everyday thing :)
5. People who are good at everything are...
stupid because no one is good at everything.
Amazing :)
Kool people.
Stuck up snobs. yuck.
6. What traits do you like in your mate?
7. Which would you prefer?
Cozy warm mate.
Doesnt matter.
Hot and cuddler.
Cold and hard.
Anything fine as long as day got a rockin body.
8. Whats your view on age?
Eww older/mature are gross/suck
age is but a number :)
doesnt matter as long as they look good!

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Created on:12/22/2009 1:33:25 PM
Made by:AussieBaby

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