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The Dark Knight Quiz
How well do you know the new Joker??

1. What happens at the beginning of the movie?
Batman Defeats Scarecrow
Joker`s Goonies are robbing a bank
Alfred makes tea
Joker talks to Mobsters
2. What is the `magic trick` Joker does?
He makes a rabbit appear
He doesn`t do a magic trick. He blows them up.
He doesn`t do a magic trick. He shoves a pencil in some dude`s eye.
He kills Batman
3. How many times did Joker change his scar story?
5 times
4 times
2 times
3 times
4. What did Joker have with him at the final showdown w/ Batman?
A nurse`s outfit
A bazooka
A truck
5. What did Joker want when being at the Police Station?
A cup of Coffee
A phone call
A talk w/ Batman
6. What weapons were pulled out of his pockets when he was searched?
7. What was the Joker`s most used line?(me: come on it`s easy)
"Kill the Batman"
"Pikachu Go!"
"Why so serious?"
"Lucy I`m Home!!"
8. Did the Joker die at the end of the movie?
It didn`t say
I didn`t see the end i went to the bathroom(me: are you nuts!??!)
9. How much was put on Joker`s head to capture him?
500 thousand dead, 1 million alive
1mil dead, 500 thousand alive
2 mil alive, 100 thousand dead,
500 thousand either way
10. Which member in Joker`s family did he hate the most?
His mom
His brother
His dad
His cousin

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Created on:7/22/2008 1:51:11 PM
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