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How Dark is your Soul
Are you purely evil?

1. If it was a life and death situation and you had to kill your friend or you would die yourself, what would you do?
Find a way to save us both.
Just get the heck out of there (to hell with them)
I`ve lived my life, and it would be pure agony to go on with life without them, so give me the knife
2. What is your fav. color (please don`t kill me!!)
All dark colors!!!
Bright colors!!!
Black, it reminds me I`m not alone....
3. What`s your fav. time of the day?
Midnight when stars are shining bright and i can believe someone cares....
The evening when it`s cold!!!!
Dawn a beginning of a new day!!!!
4. What is your fav. animal?
Fox, Sly and cunning.......
Owl wise and intelligent. And free (sigh).....
A pigeon (weeeeeeeeeee)........
I don`t see mine.....
5. Where would you rather live?
A dark Forest...........
A high mountain where you can breathe in fresh crisp clean, air...
On a beach in california listening to the waves pound across the shoreline......
6. What do you do in your spare time?
Read/write poems/listen to music....
listen to death metal.......or torture (hehe)
OMG!!!Like gossip!!!!!
7. Will you rate?
Heck no!!!!
Yes i will........
Maybe...depends on outcome
8. Will you comment?
Sorry i don`t know yet........
Hell no!!!!

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Created on:6/30/2010 8:55:13 AM
Made by:Vampyre101

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