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Are you dangerous or misunderstood?
This quiz will tell you if you are plain dangerous or misunderstood.

1. You see an other person. What do you do?
Kill Them!
Try to meet them, hopefully it will work this time.
Human? I see those all the time!
Eat Them!
Stay hidden, they hurt my feelings.
2. How do other people react when they see you?
They scream, then it`s all silent, mwahahahaha!
They run, and run, and run. -sigh-
WTF? How does a human react when they see you? Nothing!
Um, they don`t do anything really, maybe just a quick glimpse.
I keep then quiet. -evil grin-
The scream, and then it turns out they did it for nothing.
3. Someone tries to kill you. What is your move?
I kill them first!
I fight them off, but I don`t try to kill them.
I call 911!
4. What animal best discribes you?
A Tiger, feirce and brave!
A Wolf, mistreated and feared!
A Cheetah, runs like the wind!
A Coyote, sneaky and cleaver!
A Dog, playful and active!
A Cat, small but powerful!
A Horse, free and beautiful!
An Elephant, smart and kind!
A Fish, cleaver and small!
A Crocodile, sneaky and carnivorous!
5. How many friends do you have?
A lot!
A few
Most of my friends are are a lot like me!
6. What song sounds like you the most?
Animal I Have Become, Three Days Grace
I`m Just A Girl(For Boys, Just Pretend It Says Boy), No Doubt
Bad To The Bone, ZZ Top
Lean On Me, Club Nouveau
None Of The Above
7. Have you ever fealt guilty for something bad you have done?
Nope. I feel proud.
Yes. I really hoope it never happens again.
Psh! Like I`d ever do anything like that!
8. What do you think you are?
I`m not sure if I`ll get either.
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10. Will You Comment? (no effect)

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Created on:7/18/2009 2:10:04 PM
Made by:youngs

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