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Which current NFL player do you play most like  quiz. This is a quiz that tells you about which NFL player play the most like Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which current NFL player do you play most like?
This is a quiz that tells you about which NFL player play the most like

1. What do you like to do the most in football?
I like to hit a guy so hard he goes home crying to his momms
I like to be the quarter back
I like to be the man making all the great catches
I like to punish the defense with me running the football.
2. Do you consider yourself to be quiet while playing?
I am quite when I need to be, but not afraid to voice my opinion.
I like to show off alot when I make the big play.
Yes, I rarely say anything, I like my talent to do the talking for me.
I like to show of every now and again, but I am not quite.
3. Are you a player who likes to prepare alot before the games?
Yes, you will always find me watchin tape.
I am prepared, but I don`t stress over watching alot of tape.
I just go to the games and play my hardest, I really don`t need to watch any game footage.
Somedays I watch tape before games, sometimes not, just whatever, but I try most the time to watch.
4. Time is running out in the 4th, are you good under pressure?
I am one of the bests.
Yes, but not the best.
Not that good.
5. Are you related to anyone who plays as good, almost as good, or even better than you do?
6. Do people see you as a really nice guy?
Not exactly nice.
7. Are you a player that will (if a QB) run out of the pocket and throw or go for a first down, (if anything else) or run backwards just to try to juke a guy ?
I stay in the pocket at all times.
I run around like a chicken with it`s head cut-off.
I run out of the pocket alot, but most of the times I end up passing an not going for the first down
I am a WR that will run back occasionally
I don`t do that
I am on defense, so no.
8. Are you more of a regular season guy or playoff guy?
Regular Season
A cobonation of both
9. How far can you throw?
70 at the most.
Maybe 60 - 65
Like 45, I don`t really know I like to run the football.
I just like plowing people over.
10. Where could you see yourself playing in the NFL?
West Coast
The south part of the North
Way up north

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Created on:6/2/2007 4:47:20 PM
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