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Which Crisis Core Character Are You?
Which character from FFVII: Crisis Core matches your personality?

1. You and your friends can`t decide what to do for fun. What do you suggest?
Let`s hang out, talk about our favorite books, comics, or mangas.
We should go to a movie, one that is exciting and has lots of drama!
We could play some video games.
Let`s race!
I could teach everyone a magic trick.
You mean, we`re not having fun already?
I`d rather sit around and talk about how great I am. Aren`t I amazing?
Aren`t there more important things we should be doing?
Forget them. Wouldn`t you rather go on a date with me?
You guys decide.
2. You feel like cooking something for lunch. What do you make?
Homemade icecream. Not a great lunch, but the sugar makes me hyper!
Well, my friends are coming over. Let`s see what they would like first.
McDonalds. I ain`t making anything.
Something that I`ve never made before!
Something quick and easy.
Hmph. I`m actually not hungry right now.
I`d rather snack on some apples.
I don`t feel like cooking at the minute. I`m busy.
Just a sandwich.
3. One of your friends does something horrible. What do you do?
Run away! But I`m still awesome anyway!
I don`t know. Whatever I am told to do.
What? I think that I may have done the horrible thing...
I will protect my other friends from them.
Stop them no matter what.
Try to make them snap out of it! They`re not that kind of person!
Try to help them come around. Even if they did something bad, I still care about them.
I told them that it was too dangerous, and I can`t help them.
Figure out why they did it, and help them find good again.
4. Something tragic just happened to one of your friends or family.
It`s not fair.
I know, but it`s all right. Everything will be alright in the end.
Leave me alone.
They should have listened to me. I know better.
Why? They are never going to be there anymore...
I tried my best to help, I really did!
I told them they weren`t strong enough. I wish they listened.
I tried to help.
5. What kind of music do you like to listen to most often?
Intense battle music. Rock or Metal.
Pop! I like uplifting music!
Classical, yet with a rock sound to it.
Music played on the piano.
Something motivational.
Rock/Alternative - all the time.
Jazzy stuff.
Instrumentals of any kind.
Something I can bang my head to!
6. You started reading a new book. What is it?
Soldier`s Fighting Styles.
Self-Confidence In A Nutshell.
The Book of Flowers.
Encyclopedia of Toughness.
Finding Hidden Treasures.
History of Your Hometown.
A Play of Poetry.
Getting Yourself Noticed By That Special Someone.
The "Girly" Magazine.
7. You`re lost in the woods. What do you do?
Find a way out.
It`s the perfect time for artistic inspiration!
Stay completely calm.
I must first become lost to find what I am searching for.
Don`t panic - don`t panic. Everything`s okay. What was that?!
It`s okay, I`ll find a way out somehow.
Keep going on until I figure a way out.
AH, I give up! Just wait until someone finds me, don`t want to get more lost.
8. It`s your birthday!! What did you get?
What I always wanted!
I don`t really need a present.
I just wanted to spend time with my family and friends!
Something nice.
Definately NOT what I asked for. Thank-you-very-much!
A gift. It`s of no importance to you.
A book, I love to read.
A gift basket.
A music CD with some very epic songs on it.
9. This quiz is going to be over. Any last thoughts?
Not really.
Sure, it was fun!
Really? It`s over now?
Finally! Geesh! This was a waste of my valuable time.
Please. Continue.
You`re finally finished?
I do not wish to share any.

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