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Creepypasta sleepover  girls only  sorry  quiz. Includes  Ben Drowned  Slenderman  Masky and Hoody  Jeff The Killer  Smile Dog  Lost Silver  Eyeless Jack  and Laughing Jack Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Creepypasta sleepover, girls only, sorry.
Includes, Ben Drowned, Slenderman, Masky and Hoody, Jeff The Killer, Smile Dog, Lost Silver, Eyeless Jack, and Laughing Jack.

1. Ben: Will you play legend of zelda, four swords with me?
Ell` yes, I love that game. Ben: YAYZ
NO YOU MONSTER!!! GO DROWN AGAIN!!! Ben: *sob* Me: a bit harsh much
No thank you, i`m still very sleepy...
2. Slendy: Do you like the forest?
‡£↓↓ NO YOU MONSTER!!! Me: still harsh
Of course I do slendy.
It`s okay...
3. Masky and Hoody: Do you like cheesecake?
NO YOU MONSTERS!!! Me: stiiiilllll harsh
It`s okay
4. Jeffery and smiley : Go to sleep?
Ummm... okay?
No, thanks, im not tired.
5. Eyeless Jack: Can I have your kidneys?
Eh, HELL NO!!!¡
One. [All of us are in shock but E.J.]
6. Lost Silver: D-do you l-like P-pokemon?
Eh, HELL NO!!!¡
Actually, I do.
7. Laughing Jack: Want some candy?
No poison for me, freak...

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Created on:7/5/2013 3:18:32 AM
Made by:Wolfonator

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