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CreepyPasta seven mins in HEAVEN!
ohhhh who do you want to get?

1. so whatis your fav color out of these colors
green or orange colors
green or teal
reds and blacks
dark blues black you know dark colors
black grey white
2. okay what is your fav food out of these ones
sweets (candy cake etc.)
3. what weapon do you perfere out of these weapons
something sharp like a knife or hachet
something unique like poison candy or electronics
my own claws or strength
4. who do you want to get
ben drowned
ticci toby
eyeless jack
jeff the killer
laughing jack
5. so I am holding a hat and there are six items in here each one has been put in by one of the six Creepy Pastas playing what do you want to pull to pull out
a mask
a scalep
a knife
a controllor
a black rose
a piece of candy
6. bye!
later girl
see ya

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Times Taken:2,630
Created on:6/27/2019 2:14:53 AM
Made by:CPlover235

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