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What Kind Of Creature Are You?
Are you a pheonix, a vampire, a zombie, etc.

1. What`s your favorite food?
Berries and other natural things
Raw steak
Anything, as long as it`s in large quantities
2. If you could change anything about the world, what would you change?
Rid the world of war
Make the world bow down to me
Have everyone become a zombie
3. What do you do when you hear laughter?
Start to laugh aswell
Be insulted that they are laughing at you and turn them into frogs
4. What`s your favorite time?
New Years Eve
5. Would you sacrifice yourself to help someone?
Depends on the person
... ... ... brains? ... ... ...
I don`t know if that`s possible. I`m imortal, so I don`t think I can...
6. Why are you taking this quiz?
I wish I weren`t
I have too much time on my hands. Being undead and all
To tell a friends whether I like it or not
I dunno
To waste time

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Created on:5/26/2007 1:11:09 PM
Made by:Sheenangua

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