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What creative girl are you?
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1. 1. Which craft do you love the most?
Making Jewelry
Creating a poster
2. 2. Which of these gifts would you be the most excited about receiving?
 A plant
A picture of a rainbow
A stuffed bear
A swimsuit
3. Which of these classes would you like just for fun?
4. 4. Which of these kinds of books do you like the most?
 Extreme sports in the outdoors
Animals in the great outdoors
Great dancers from all around the world
Fashion design and color
5. 5. Of these four choices, which one would you want to do when you grow up?
Dance instructor
6. 6. What is it about your talents that your friends would be most likely to compliment?
Your athleticism
Your clothes
Your artwork
Your stories
7. 7. While out shopping, which store would you go to first?
A craft supply store
A book store
A clothing store
A sports store
8. 8. What is your favorite color?
9. 9. Which of these types of websites would you be most interested in?
New recipes
New clothing trend
New music trends
New decorating ideas
10. 10. Which of these summer camps would you most like to attend?
Nature & wildlife camp
Water sports camp
arts&crafts camp
Dance & music camp
11. 11. For a school assignment, which of these would you rather do?
Write a book report
write an original song
Design a poster
Create an original recipe
12. 12. Which of the following special events would you rather attend?
The ballet
A fashion show
A craft show
A garden show
13. 13. What do your classmates ask for your help or advice about?
English homework
French homework
Help with art projects
Help with science
14. 14. Which of these would you consider your most "natural talent"?
Decorating your room
15. 15. Which of these activities would you most enjoy on an evening when the TV is broken?
Try a new recipe for dinner
Work on a beading craft
Sit by the fire pit,watching the stars
Work on your scrapbooking
16. 16. Which would you rather do?
Talk to animals
Talk to plants
Be a mermaid
Be able to cast spells.

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