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Are you crazy?
Random questions to find out are you sane or completlty loopy? (e)

1. How many times have you said the word `zebra`?
All i say is zebra, zebra, zebra!
Never. i hate that word. Yuck.
i don`t know- only when when we do zoology
Zebra`s! OMG i love zebra`s! Where`s the zebra!
I hug school crossings cuz i love zebra`s
I eat zebra`s and sell the skins
2. Do you love printers?
I have 423566666786 thousand printers! (or more!)
Urgh, printers are the most disgusting, putrid things ever! i much prefer flamingoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No, of course not!
WHAT on earth are you talking about?! i think you are mental to suggest that!!!
I like two minute noodles.
3. What is your middle name?
ZxZXZZDSDdfsxvcbvcvbbvghgftfdfdxfgcfcghfvhgfvhgbhjbj! That`s true!
I dunno... short term memory .... what`s the word dunno
Matilda honeycobbler pie
I stick deep fried sesame street characters up my nose!!!
Kylie Minogue the second.
bamoboozle nosebleed
4. How do you eat fried garbage?
I don`t! i prefer rubbish cuz i`m not american.
With chopsticks!
I wash it down with twenty litres of Cola!
I like to sit on a hippo with icecream smeared on my hair and feathers stuck in my ears while eating
I vomited while reading the Oxford Corsive Dictionary
I beleive I`m a rubbish bin so it`s my only and favourite meal!
I don`t eat it -why, it`s a precious treasure! It`s my perfume!!!
5. What where you doing twenty minutes ago?
I was skydiving off the leaning tower of pisa!!!
Letting pigeon poo fall on my head!!!
Eating garbage of course!
Scrambling Humpty Dumpty for the king`s men`s breakfast!
I was on the computer struggling through this stupid quiz!!
Throwing sun dried cats off the Eiffel Tower!!
Plotting how to kill my evil printer of doom that keeps on coughing up blood!!!
6. Do you like grapefruit?
Why eat grapefruit when there is roasted zebra to eat from Maybelline New York???!!!
i like to touch my brain my sticking pencils up my nose!
My printer hates grapefruit and we are bonded by a mental link so... URGH!!!!
Help! my printer is attempting to kill me!
7. Why did you do this quiz?
my printer wanted to, and i`m bonded by a blood link...
I lovvvvvvvvvvvve tomato sauce!
I was being chased by a pig in a tiara, and I wondered if I was hallucinating!
dunno.... memory...lo...looos...loss? ahhh, that`s it!
i love potato mashed up in a vineagrette dressing
my dog has fleas
i was bored
I`m not supposed to, but I`m so stinky that nobody will approach my desk and find out what im doing!

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Created on:8/25/2007 11:11:04 PM
Made by:vegebrain

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