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Are you a crazy girlfriend?
find out if your normal or a psychopath lol

1. Your man hasent texted you in 3 hours.. so you
spam his phone, and ask one of his friends what hes doing
screenshot the texts and rant to your besties
nothing he has a life let him live
we dont even text
2. He finally texts you after 4 hours.. so you
dont let it go & ask him where he was? who he was with? and why u werent on his mind this whole time
ignore him for 5 hours
let it go, you cant stay mad at him
think "wow im so grateful that he actually texted me today"
3. You see girls commenting on his ig pics so you
follow all of them up, stalk there acc, tag them telling them to back the off
yell at your boyfriend for letting female species follow him. You should be the only one
who cares im glad other girls find him good looking makes me feel better ab myself
my boyfriend has ig?
4. Theres a girl in your mans snapchat story... hmm?
you freak out, spam your man with questions.. no girls should be in a 10 feet radius of my man
uhh theyre probably just friends.. right?!
screenshot it and ask all his friends who she is
he can talk to other girls.. chill
5. His ex is hitting him up.. how do you feel ab this?
you track her down and find out her number and threaten to shoot her in the head if she gets close
you tell your boyfriend to block her and if he doesnt you hit up and lowkey flirt with ur ex`s
theyre over hes mine now and you know he knows that
i really dont care who he talks to
6. Your man dumps you... so you
Cry cry cry your life is over, he was the only one for you now you hate yourself so much
lol he thinks he can break up with me
i was to good for him anyway
life goes on who cares
7. He posts a selfie and tags another girl...
your the reason why the girl has a black eye..
make fun of her with your girls
you think of what a lucky girl she is and be happy for your ex
you didnt even know he had ig
8. They way you get over your ex is
You just dont
make him soooo jealous
lowkey rebound
you got over him a long time ago

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Created on:5/8/2016 6:55:48 PM
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