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What kind of crazy animal are you  quiz. This is a weird quiz with weird results  so   HAVE FUN  Lol   e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What kind of crazy animal are you?
This is a weird quiz with weird results, so...HAVE FUN! Lol (e)

1. What is your opinion on animal hybrids?
I am an animal hybrid. XD
Animal hybrids are gay. Like this quiz.
2. What would you do if someone you don`t know gives you a hug?
Feel a little awkward, and if they didn`t let go after a few seconds, spray mace in their eyes
Run away screaming "RAPIST!!!"
3. You go to the doctor, and you find out that you have a rare disease that kills you within 12 days, unless you get the cure, which is only found in the deepest depths of Africa`s jungles. What is your reaction?
Someone buy me a plane ticket to Africa! I`m goin in.
That`s easy. Kill the doctor.
Kill the president and take over the USA for 12 days. Obviously!
4. Do you consider yourself crazy?
NO! ARE YOU ACCUSING ME OF BEING INSANE? *lunges at your head*
Maybe a little...hehe...
No. I consider myself normal. YOU are the one I consider crazy.

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Created on:12/3/2007 6:32:35 PM
Made by:Erca

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