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What Country Should You Live In  quiz. So many countries out there eh  Well  we are all only born into one     Which one SHOULD you have been born into    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Country Should You Live In?
So many countries out there,eh? Well, we are all only born into one.... Which one SHOULD you have been born into? (e)

1. Alright, lets start off simple...If you could live in one of these countries, which would you live in? [ not actual outcomes, just similar to outcomes!]
Germany or Italy...
The Stage is MY country!!!
2. Pick your favorite color combination...
Blue, white, and red
Red, white and blue
White Blue and red
Red and white
Red and Yellow
3. Pick the one that is most like how you think...
Goals have to be worked for....There is no easy way to greatness...
Life is here so that you can LIVE every second of it! And I am going to LIVE every second of mine!
I like to relax and be nice and comfy...Maybe go out with friends...
I like tradition and sophistication...Whether it be family values or Art...
It`s time to PAAARRRTTTYYYY!!!!
I love to laugh and subtle humor is the best!
4. What are you most likely to do during your spare time?
Read, work, something along those lines...
Just be wild...Play my music, you know, live life to the fullest...
Relaxin`, out with friends....you know...
Looking at, or even creating art, whether it be poetry or paintings,that`s what you`ll find me doing
Maybe at the pub, or maybe playing pranks on someone harhar
5. What color is closest to your hair color?
Sun-bleached blonde
Brown or dark blonde...
Dark brown or dark red....
Some Crazy wild color LOL!!!!!
6. I know this was short, but are you ready to find out what country you are from? ( pick the one that`s closest to hat you might actually say) [[plz rate and comment!]]
Jolly good dahling...
That will be fine
Yeah alright....
no not really.... *me: it`s the end of the quiz, so you kinda have to LOL*

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Created on:6/27/2007 11:46:57 PM
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