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Which country should you live in?
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1. What kind of music are you into?
Something exotic with a good beat.
A bit of mix.
2. What is your favourite food/meal?
Pasta with garlic bread.
Something hot and spicy.
I like meat. I like barbeque food too.
Fish and chips.
Rice with something.
3. What`s your favourite weather?
Hot and sunny.
Rain or snow.
A bit of mix. I dont mind.
Very cold in the winter and extremly hot in the summer.
4. What`s your favourite clothing item out of the following...
A hat.
A nice coat.
A dress.
5. What are your intrests....
I like technology, my xbox, computer, phone, ipod etc.
I like swimming or surfing.
Sunbathing :)
I like walking and visiting historic places.
I like skateboarding or playing sports.
6. What is a quality you would like in your neighbours?
Friendly and bubbly.
To keep their nose out of your buissness.
7. Your house would be....
Small but cosy.
Nice. It would have a large garden for barbeque`s and partying.
Normal sized, but decorated uniquely.
In the city, so you could be near the nightlife.
Petite in a friendly village.
8. You`d prefer...
Living in the countryside.
Living by an ocean.
Living somewhere with great monuments.
Living somewhere with a busy city life.

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Created on:4/15/2007 12:59:49 PM
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