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how cool are you

1. are you friends with satan
umm exsqueeze me why would I be friends with satan?
are you?
no, but hades and I are tight if that counts
2. do you own mass amounts of buckets
yes they are my children and you best respect them
no u
I prefer not to answer; The Great Bucket Conflict of 2012 still haunts me to this day
eww no what is this
3. what is your favorite species of bear
black bear is best
umm idk man
care bears
4. what are you doing right now
eating mass amounts of carbohydrates
blasting queen
going to starbucks in my uggs while doing the instagram, DURR!
that is confidential information
certainly not torturing small children in my basement...why do you ask?
5. now most importantly: how cool are you
Im the most coolest
you`ll never know...
I plead the fifth

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Times Taken:230
Created on:3/7/2019 7:49:54 PM
Made by:thirstman

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