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Are you cool
Are you cool or nerdy

1. Do people think you are fat and lazy or fit and healthy
Fat and lazy
Fit and healthy
2. You are upset because....
You got a C
You got bullied
You lost a football game or got kicked out of cheerleading
3. How many friends do you have at school
100 and above
4. To say hi what do you say?
Nothing. To busy on a computer
Hello unless I`m on a computer...
Hi of course ?
Hi. Sup?
5. You wear...
Business clothes with my shirt tucked in, 1920s glasses
Not to cheap but not to fancy clothes
Clothes from Myers or Ross
6. Do you like this quiz Rate it
1/100 terrible
30/100 Bad
50/100 Ok
70/100 good
100/100 excellent

About This Quiz
Times Taken:962
Created on:5/21/2014 2:25:08 AM
Made by:Gulz

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