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What kind of COOKIE are you?

1. How would your friends describe you?
a drifter
2. What do you like spending your free time doing?
doing sports
sitting at home, listening to music or whatever
spending time with friends at the mall or whatever
volunteer community service/charity work
drugs (or) sitting at home, soaking up time
3. What do you do during school?
pass notes (or) text
take notes, listen
doodle EVERYWHERE!!!
suck up
sit in the back and not pay attention
4. How do you spend a typical Friday night?
hanging out with friends at a school dance
working on an art project (or) trying to figure out how to pass math
doing nothing
5. In P.E., you...
take down all of those whimpy kids!
talk, not too excited about running around with the ball
run away from the ball
try not to hurt anyone and do the best I can
don`t participate whatsoever
6. What kind of grades do (did) you get?
C-B range
B range
D range
A range
Don`t know, don`t care. Prolly failing.
7. Authority...
having too much fun to care
yeah, whatever, don`t really care
I break rules, but that doesn`t matter
respect authority
F-ck all authority!!!
8. You`re at a party, you...
dance a lot, talk a lot, run around in circles
talk, be cool and relaxed
flirt, dance
I don`t like parties
I don`t go to a lot of parties, but get drunk if I do
9. What do you do when you go through a big BREAK UP with your bf/gf
who cares? I have millions in line
sigh and get over it
immediately get together with someone else
cry my eyes out
I wouldn`t care. It`s never happened either.
10. Do you think you`re totally hot and cool?
I`m not THAT full of myself
Hell yeah!
I don`t think so.
um no... but who cares?

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Created on:4/12/2007 4:14:58 PM
Made by:torn_up

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