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What Kind of Cookie are you  quiz. Are you a ginger snap  chocolate chip  sugar cookie  or peanut butter cookie  Take s quiz to find our  IMPORTANT  it s ok if you don t get your favourite type of cookie  the personality is what counts   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Kind of Cookie are you?
Are you a ginger snap, chocolate chip, sugar cookie, or peanut butter cookie? Take s quiz to find our! IMPORTANT: it's ok if you don't get your favourite type of cookie, the personality is what counts ;)

1. It`s April Fools Day! You`re most likely going to:
Hide! You don`t wanna get pranked!
Prank some of your close friends. They like a laugh!
2. There`s a cheerleading show going on at the school, would you go?
Yeah! I would be supporting my friends and peers!
Try to skip it on going, but give in at the end. (You don`t like noise)
Yeah, and pull a few pranks! I wonder who put pepper in the Pom poms?
3. There`s a school play with your best friends in it, and a hit movie going on at the same time! What do you do?
Go to the play! You love to see your friends smile!
Go to the movie, then fake you were sick.
Go to the movie, but text your friends afterward.
Stay home! You don`t wanna cause drama!
4. Chose one that you think suits you:
Prettier than everyone else!
...um, shy...
5. Did you like this quiz?
Yes! I`m going to rate!
Yes! I`m going to comment! (I`m totally not gonna put the word butt)
No, it was AWEFUL.

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Created on:5/6/2015 5:13:51 PM
Made by:axelcat1000

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