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What cookie are you?
which round one are you?

1. What do you do first when you wake up in the morning to go to school/work?
stay in bed, you dont care about being on time today
you wake up and get ready fast to get there early
you spend alot of time on the way you look
you get ready in the exact amount of time and get there on time
you make sure you have all your homework done and are fitting the dress code
2. Which would you rather do?
go to the mall with your friends
you go home and watch tv
you run home and get your homework done as fast as you can
you go home slowly enjoying the walk
you ride the bus quietly like your not even there
3. Which color do you like more?
4. What sounds more soothing?
sitting alone by a babbling brook
goin on a date
5. You have a big test coming up what do you do?
study as much as you need to know
hope you learn it from the tv because thats all youll be watchen
go to the biggest bash of the year
study all night long
blow off the test and go see your boyfriend
6. What kind of movie would you see?
horror movie
comedy movie
action movie
drama movie
love movie
7. What cookie do you want to be? (v will not effect outcome)
choclate chip cookie
macadamian nut cookie
burnt cookie
choclate mint cookie
sugar cookie

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Created on:11/29/2008 6:34:42 PM
Made by:kaylala

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