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What constellation are you?
What does your personality say about your identity with the stars?

1. You see a very small child being bullied by someone your age. You get a bit closer and realize that the kid being bullied is your little sibling. What do you do?
Confront the bully. I`m not afraid of a fight.
Walk away. I don`t have to take time out of my day just because my little sibling`s getting beat up.
Make fun of the bully for picking on a little kid and hope it goes away.
Tell off the bully, and try to save my sibling but I`ll stop if it gets to the point of violence.
Laugh at my little sibling. They probably deserved it anyway.
2. What`s your favorite sport (out of these)?
hockey or football
skateboarding or snowboarding/skiing
fencing or baseball
soccer or swimming
is paintballing a sport??
3. What do you think that your main purpose in life is?
To challenge myself and seek adventure
To be my own person and do things MY way
To inspire as many people as possible with my talents
To help anyone who`s worse off than I am
To have a good time and live life to the fullest
4. Where would your ideal vacation spot be?
Somewhere that`s known for being dangerous, like Mt. Everest: what`s life without a little risk?
Somewhere that isn`t heavily populated, like a small town in Europe or Africa: I need my alone time
A really big city like Paris, Rome, or even just NYC
Somewhere peaceful like Hawaii or the Virgin Islands: I really need to relax
Somewhere entertaining like a skii resort or a theme park: What`s a vacation without fun?
5. Pick an element:
I...uh...don`t pick favorite elements...
6. Which of these is your greatest fear?
Living a boring or uneventful life OR fear itself
Being controlled or caged OR small spaces
Living (or dying) alone OR being "invisible" or forgotten
Losing or being hurt by a loved one OR being unable to help those that are closest to you
I don`t really know...
7. Will you rate/comment? (doesn`t affect outcome)
yes, both
depends on the outcome

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